Monday, May 4, 2009

A Grass Roots United Conservative Front

Republicans Need To Explain Alternative Choices

The conservative Republicans need to explain the difference in choices between them and the liberal Democrats. Say no to the radical liberal plans and then explain the conservative plan and why it's better.

The liberal mainstream media will work in concert with the liberal Democrats. We know this and have to counteract it. The mainstream media and Democrats are already playing the Republicans as the NO party.

Republicans have to say no to the out-of-control Liberal Democrat spending. However, if they are to be effective then they must show the alternative conservative budget, explain it and tell America why it is better. They need to do the same with tax increases. They should explain what the liberal Democrats tax increases will do to the economy and hard working American taxpayers. Then they need to show America the conservative alternative which is tax cuts and why it is better..more...

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