Sunday, December 5, 2010

Governor Christie Takes On NJ Teachers Union Again

YouTube: Christie “You Punch Them, I Punch You”

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie delivered the keynote speech at the 3rd Excellence in Education Summit. The event was held in Washington D.C. Not every day do you hear a governor laying the smack down on a group of thugs like the New Jersey Education Association, but that’s precisely what Governor Chris Christie did before a stuffy crowd of education reformers recently. continued....

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Students Can’t Opt-Out Pro-Gay School Propaganda

School District Says Children Must Watch Videos

Parents have no choice, if your child attends school in Vallejo, California, he will watch pro-gay propaganda videos whether you like it or not. "No one should take my rights and tell me what can be shown to my children," said Vallejo mother Cookie Gordon at a fractious Nov. 18 school board meeting. continued......

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