Saturday, May 9, 2009

GOP Plan to Make America Feel Secure Once Again

The Reshaping of the GOP Part V.

In our final part in this series we explore the GOP Plan to enhance and protect our National Security. Since 9/11 we know all too well just how vulnerable our country is to terrorists attacks right here on US soil.

National Security: Defending American Liberty and Freedom

The threats posed to our nation are more varied and evolving more than perhaps at any other time in our history. Modern communications, technology and the proliferation of weapons of all types have empowered our enemies and those who support them. Our national security policy must reflect these realities while allowing us to maintain technological superiority, support the most well-trained and well-equipped military in the world and have the intelligence capabilities to uncover and prevent attacks before they occur.

Well-Trained And Equipped Soldiers:

Our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan have significantly challenged our men and women in uniform and taken a toll on our military equipment an infrastructure. We should pursue policies that support and reward our servicemen in the field, while training new men and women for the challenges they are likely to face...more...

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